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Rock Art By Julie
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Favorite Links & Add Your Link

Please check out these links to some of my favorite sites.

Stone Menagerie- Lin Wellford

Rock Art By Dink

Echo Mtn.- Rebecca Dufilie

Feather Painter- B. Curtiss

Painted Feather Gallery- Kelley Patterson

Built on Stone- Gina Jennette

Gretchen's Rock Whimsey- Gretchen Menchen

Passion For Paint- Jen Longshaw

Roc-kritters- Marianne Vick

Feather Art- By Rhonda

Rock Art Imagery- Julie Michels

Leslie's Art

Borneo Rock Art- Flora Tan   - Julie Thompson

Bead N Pride - Joyce Wilcox (beautiful art work)

Kate's Creative Rock Art

Auction eBay Central - Offering select auction items available through in all categories.

Shopping Directory, Information, Links and more.

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My New Guestbook.  The one on the homepage is still active so you can sign either one.. Thanks  Julie

Below is a neat little thing I found called Guest Map it allows you to pick an icon and stick it into a world map in the area you are from. It also allows you to leave comments and such just like a normal guestbook.  I thought this would be fun to see where everyone is that looks at my site.  I do have a few guestbooks and they are all active please feel free to sign which ever one you like... Thanks Julie