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Rock Art By Julie
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Seasonal (Winter)

These cute little snowpeople can be ordered in just about anything you want like doctor, nurse, fireman, football, cheerleader, ect.  I can do the melting or the regular like the soccer one.  Just email me with a description of what your looking for.  Thank you..
Designed by Dink*


Melted Snowpeople- Baseball
$20.00 + Shipping


Snowlady with Mink Stole
Item # W-04
 price $15.00 + s/h


Melted Snowpeople- Policeman
$20.00 + shipping


Snowman with Top Hat
item # W-05
 price $15.00 + s/h


Soccer Snowman
Item # W-06
reg. price $25.00 + s/h

I hope you have enjoyed my site.  Please come back often as I add new pieces all the time.  If you would like to order a special rock or if you are interested in something you have seen please contact me by email at  or by the questions and comments form on my homepage.  Please take the time to go back to my home page at this time and sign my guestbook I would love to know that you visited.  Thanks Julie DeMoss

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